1. alamazan:

    Oldschool is better. #86fest #datsun #bluebird #wagon

    Wagon is better.

  2. Wagonation is brought to in part by the 1979 Malibu Spectre Wagon and through the support of followers like you. (by aldenjewell)

  3. The Cadillac of shooting-brakes; the 1979 Eldorado Comstock Sport Wagon.

    Baby’s got back.
  4. 1957 Chevrolet Nomad
    Dejan Marinkovic, flickr.com

    Picture perfect.

  5. For Sale:  If we had the room we would probably already own this turbo-diesel BMW E30 Touring.  5-speed manual to boot.  Great classic wagon. (via eBay)

  6. commiehook:

    "Captain, I am detecting an obscene amount of fake wood on this vehicle."

    "Well of course you are Mister Spock, it’s a 1974 Ford Pinto Station Wagon.  What else would you expect?"

  7. Just a reminder that beach babes love wagons and wagons love the beach. Also please don’t forget to enjoy this last “official” weekend of summer.

    (via wagonation)

  8. Flying Brick @ 86 Day (by Grif Batenhorst)

    Meanwhile in Japan ….

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  10. This matte Ford ST wagon makes us wonder why we can’t have this on this side of the Atlantic. We have no doubt that Ford could sell a bunch of these in America.  Market as poor man’s CTS-V wagon, collect all the wagon money. (by D - 15 photography)