1. aswedishcar:

    dumbo | brooklyn, ny

    Meanwhile in Dumbo …..

  2. fueledbyshoyu:

    S130 Crown Wagon

    Crown is king.

  3. everything-s-possible:

    "W123 surf machine"

  4. 1970 Ford LTD Country Squire (by aldenjewell)

  5. Meanwhile in Languedoc we are enjoying a most unusual rent-a-car: wagon, diesel, and 6-manual. Can’t figure out why these aren’t sold in the states, it’s a perfect combo.

  6. And now for something completely different.

  7. themarkyeung:

    #edm #alfa #romeo #159 #wagon and #toyota #mkiv #supra

    Because Alfa wagon.

  8. Programing Note

    Wagonation is going on vacation. European road trip to be exact. We will hopefully have some updates from the road, but over the next couple of weeks posting will be limited. Don’t worry we will be back September with some new content, tons of fresh wagons, and maybe even our first video feature. In the meantime, buy some stickers @ wagonaton.storenvy.com and make us proud. All proceeds go to support #wagonlove.

    Also keep those submissions and tips coming in.  


  9. crazyforcars:

    What a nice S124… in Sportline trim (not available in the US), with sport-cloth seats (also not available), and manual transmission (again, not available).  What a perfect combination.

    Love everything but the color.  There is not much in the world that looks good in purplely-brown.

    (via salmosalar)