station wagon

  1. Meanwhile in France …. 

  2. Look what we just spotted while on vacation in the 1,000 Islands (Clayton, NY). A white hot E63 AMG. Amazing details and a black Delaware plate to boot. Just about the perfect wagon.

  3. Skoda is working on an angry Octavia wagon (vRS) with red trainers.  We approve. (via Auto Express)

  4. The Volvo V60 Polestar is not the only wagon at the Goodwood Festival of Speed but it might be our favorite. 

  5. paulgraz:

    Got the wife’s wagon detailed for EuroMeet this weekend in Ithaca NY

    Little, orange, different. 

  6. The bike/stuff/groceries/road hugging taxi.

    (via thewagoonies)

  7. sic56:

    Citroën ID 20 Familiale 1971 by Pics-from-Amsterdam on Flickr.

    Speaking for French wagons, the goddess of long roofs, she might be old be she’s a looker  …. ooh la la

    (via gearheadsandmonkeywrenches)

  8. Meanwhile in France …. There’s a new Peugeot 508 wagon.  Subaru owners would eat this puppy up.  

    In all seriousness, America needs a new French longroof stat.  French teachers currently have nothing to drive, as the old 505 wagons and Le Cars have all but rusted away.  What will Ms. Beauchamp drive?

  9. wagon-heritage:

    Vinyl wrapped Legacy

    This is not the polestar you are looking for … 

  10. Yo no se.