station wagon

  1. You know who loves the 2015 Volvo V60 T5?  The folks at BangShift.

    "This baby was a riot to drive, a riot to throw into the corners, and it is as practical as a van, suv, or whatever else you can think of. Long live the wagon!"

    There are more kind words on the excellent V60 and more sweet photos at  Long live the wagon indeed!

  2. And now for a properly straight and badass BMW e90 touring.

  3. We are completely smitten with this bright yellow ‘65 Ford Falcon delivery wagon. It’s for sale at North American Classic Cars in Redford, MI.  Enjoy!

  4. Question - How much is a well looked after, low millage (under 100k), 5-speed, blue-on-blue ‘88 Volvo 240DL wagon worth?  Remember this is a classic 240 complete with manual windows, Oreo shaped ac-vents knobs, and the rare “seat bacon” option.

    Closest without going over wins a prize. Don’t cheat and ‘Price is Right’ rules are in effect.  And the answer is?

  5. "Here’s a pic of my 94 M5 Touring. Imported to the US in 2008." - classiceuro

    One of the great angry wagons of our time.

  6. "Had this 87 Escort GL in college for a while, it was a miserable car, but I miss it dearly and love the body shape."

    Thanks Evan! There is something classic about the old Escort wagons.

  7. "This is a photo of my 330i Touring. Converted from 328i to 330i thanks to a handful of OEM parts and an ECU flash"

    murph5000's sweet E90 touring is close to perfect.

  8. Vintage Toyota, Big Sur, CA, earlier today.

    She was an old rusty beauty.

  9. Brown - Check
    RWD - Check
    Diesel - Check
    Manual - Check
    Wagon - Check
    Volvo - Check 

    One car to rule them all!

    (and it’s for sale - see savannah.craigslist and thanks to Luke for the excellent find and tip)

  10. Of course, I’ve washed my wagon twice this week. It is Tuesday. ; )

    Wagon folk are never obsessive, never - Wagonation